Our Story

Heritage Salon was formed in 2009 by Jada Wright-Greene as a blog that explored the African American museum culture. After graduation from Michigan State University Museum Studies program in 2004, she discovered that she was the first African American to complete the program.  Excited but sad to know that there were not more people of diverse backgrounds in the field, Jada knew something had to be done and Heritage Salon was created.

After several years of operating as a blog, Heritage Salon transitioned into a magazine.  Not only was there a transformation from the blog, Heritage Salon was formalized as a  501 (c) (3) in 2012.

Our Mission

Heritage Salon Magazine is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization with a mission to expose and increase awareness of African American museums, cultural institutions and historic homes/sites in an effort to eradicate the lack of diversity in the museum studies field.

Our Vision

Museum professionals, audiences and patrons reflect the diversity in our world.


Jada Wright-Greene, Founder & Editor


Board of Directors:



Dr. Ashley R. Preston




Charkes Nesbitt




Darryl Wright-Greene




Jade Simmons 



Dr. Kris Morrissey




Marshay Williams 




Dr. Tara White




Photo Not Available:

May Yang 





Advisory Board Members:

Kimberly Springle 




Terrie S. Rouse 



Photo Not Available:

Alisha Winn